Sunbeam Rapier racing at Goodwood revival Meeting

Sunbeam Rapier

This Sunbeam Rapier prepared by Chris Snowdon Racing was driven by Harry Sherrard and Derek Daly in the St Mary’s Trophy races at the Goodwood Revival Meeting in 2012.

Key points carried out by CSR on this project included:

  • Pre-race preparation to highest standards
  • Complete bare-metal rebuild of the shell
  • Rebuilt and modified suspension
  • Installed rollcage
  • Lightened where possible
  • Engine and gearbox rebuilds

CSR run the car for the owner including, storing, transporting, preparing and servicing.

Sunbeam Rapier in the Paddock at Goodwood revival Meeting
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About the Sunbeam Rapier

CSR built Sunbeam Rapier race car

The Sunbeam Rapier was a four seat, two door coupe produced from 1955 to 1975. This version is a series three.

In the fifties and sixties, the Sunbeam Rapier had a distinguished record as a competition car. Used by the Rootes works team it attachieved many class wins and some overall wins. The Rapier was also a successful racing saloon.

Sunbeam Rapier at GoodwoodWith its success as a works car, and a reputation for being tough and reliable, it became a popular choice at clubman level.

Today, the Rapier remains a popular rally car, its enduring reliability is popular on the demanding classic rally scene.

Stripped shell ready for restoration.

The engine-bay stripped.

New floor pans.

Repainted shell ready for the rebuild.

Completed engine-bay.

Completed car ready for final detailing.