Chris Snowdon Driver Training and Coaching

Being close to Goodwood has meant Chris is often working as an instructor for which he is fully ARDS qualified.

His all-round driving skills – he is an Institute of Advanced Motorists member and a Roll Royce and Bentley qualified driver too – see him in demand by many manufacturers for new model launches and demonstrations to dealers and buyers around the country.

This frequently takes him to MIRA and many other private as well as public tracks and race circuits with Porsche Club GB, AR-UK, VAG, Ford, Aston Martin and others.

Contact CSR for one-to-one or group instruction to get the most out of your road or track car.

Sports 2000 Race Car front suspension detail

Driver coaching can take many forms depending on the driver and requirements. A track day driver may want to improve their skills to drive safely. A race driver may want coaching to help find those valuable extra seconds on the track.

A coaching day or session can consist of all or parts of the following:

  • Meet at the venue and guide through the sign on and documentation
  • Discuss the day’s objectives and plans over coffee
  • Chris will drive initial laps to show circuit, braking and turning points, marshal’s posts etc
  • Customer to drive for assessment
  • Debrief and review of objectives
  • Customer to drive again focussing on specifics like braking, acceleration, correct use of gears, vision
  • Debrief and review
  • Break for lunch
  • Solo driving session observed by instructor
  • Further in car session

What is an ARDS test?

Before anyone can go racing at an MSA (Motor Sports Association) event they must complete an ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers Schools) course.

Race driver support and trainingDuring an ARDS test you must be able to demonstrate that you are a competant circuit driver and that you can lap consistantly in a safe and controlled manner amongst other traffic.

You must also show your knowledge of the racing line and ultimately assure the instructor that you are safe and able to enter your first race.

Chris Snowdon is a qualified ARDS instructor and also a driver coach.

For more details on ARDS tests and competing in MSA events visit their website by clicking here


CSR use VBOX data logging systems to measure and compare the instructed driver against the very experienced Chris Snowdon. The data logged and the in-car camera footage enables Chris to see comparitive speed, position, distance and acceleration. The VBOX system is a huge help in extracting more performance from not just the driver but also the car.

Sports 2000

CSR can run your car throughout a race season. The car can be stored, prepared and transported to races. All you need to do is turn up on the day. CSR will support you throughout the day with set up, refuelling, tyre pressures etc. and carry out any repairs at the circuit where possible.

After the race the car is transported back to the CSR workshop to be checked and serviced ready for the next race.

All drivers whether new to the sport or experienced campaigners benefit from driver instruction or comparison. Even F1 team mates compare data to find out where they can improve their times.

The image above shows an overlay of two sets of data. One is Chris Snowdon, the other is the driver he is coaching.